Allow guest users to create PowerApps

Troubleshoot Microsoft Entra Guest Access Issues: If you’ve invited a guest to your Microsoft Entra and granted them the necessary permissions, they should be able to access the environment. However, you might encounter an issue where the guest is unable to save a PowerApp, despite having the required authorizations. This problem is often indicated by the error code: GuestUserNotAllowedToCreateApps. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll explore how to resolve this common Microsoft Entra guest access issue.

  1. Configure External Collaboration Settings: The first step to solving this problem is to configure the external collaboration settings in Microsoft Entra for your guest users. Navigate through Microsoft Entra to Identity > External Identities > External collaboration settings.

  2. Set Guest User Access: Under the section titled ‘Guest user access’, select the option that reads Guest users have the same access as members (most inclusive).

  3. Execute PowerShell Commands: The final step involves executing the following PowerShell commands:
    $requestBody = Get-TenantSettings
    $requestBody.powerPlatform.powerApps.enableGuestsToMake = $True
    Set-TenantSettings $requestBody