Epic Shit with Microsoft Power Platform and my Tesla [EN] [Tesla Part 1]

In October 2022, I got my Tesla Model 3. First of all, I was overwhelmed by the possibilities. But there is one I want to talk about in particular

The idea is to connect my Tesla with the Microsoft Power Platform. With Power Automate i want to start my heating when a calender event is in Outlook. Maybe create my own Power App for interacting with it, just because it is possible. But the main goal is a Power BI report that compares my consumption against a car that runs on petrol. Not just the average price of petrol compared to the kilowatt hour. The idea is to take the prices I pay or would pay at the same place I charge in reality when driving to the gas station and add the same amount of km range.

This means that when I charge on the freeway, I use the kilometer charged to calculate the amount of fuel I need and multiply it by the price I would pay there.

So much for the theory. In practice, this means many small steps that I currently do not know myself.
But I know it starts with the loading information. So let's start with a custom connector in Power Automate to connect the Tessie.com API

Stay tuned!